Terry started playing drums as a teenager. He joined The Clash at the age of 19, leaving after the first album. He later played with Johnny Thunders, Vic Goddard and Generation X (with Billy Idol). In 1982 he teamed up again with The Clash, touring extensively in the USA and UK. He then joined Hanoi Rocks, later forming The Cherrybomz. He joined Black Sabbath with whom he toured Europe. There then followed a 20 year long gap where he pursued another career. He is now back playing drums again with new band – The Crunch.
THE CRUNCH are Sulo Karlsson (Diamond Dogs), Terry Chimes (Clash), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) and Mick Geggus (Cockney Rejects).

Songs have already been recorded at Berry Street Studio in London where the band met up in January. The first single was released in June 2013 and the full album will be released 28 of October 2013. The band are also planning some exciting live performances with new songs from the album and old classics. Look out for tour dates here on facebook.

The Crunch - Punk and rock legends in a package
You can call The Crunch a "super band" with all members having long careers in the Rock ’n’ roll business. The joy and love of music shines through and they are all very excited about the new band.

Sulo started writing some songs and after coming out of Berry Street Studios with the whole groups influence the result is modern, still traditional power rock and pop, showing lots of energy and great songs.

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